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Privacy Policy understands that your privacy is important to you, and you care about how your personal information is used. This privacy policy explains how we use your personal information, and what rights you have in our use of your personal information. This privacy policy applies to Milfra websites as well as to the personal information we collect in the course of Milfra's business operations.

First and foremost, Milfra does not sell your personal information.

Local laws may require us to offer you a means to opt-out of the sale of your personal information collected by websites. does not sell your personal information, so there is no need for you to “opt-out of the sale.”

If you use other websites, software, or Apps, or if you “sign-in” to my account, please review those individual privacy notifications, which provide additional details specific to those websites, software, apps, or accounts.

We will address the following categories of information in this Privacy Policy:

What information does collect, for what purpose, and who do we share it with?
Depending on your interaction with, we may collect the following:

Category:    Examples:
Personal identifiers.    
Name, address, email address, internet protocol(IP) address or other similar identifiers. may use this personal information to: respond to your inquiry or to provide feedback, ship items you request, understand generally what area you are accessing websites from.

Internet activity.    
Browsing history of your interactions with a website. may use this personal information to understand what portions of websites are used most frequently to enhance website development.

Commercial information.    
Records of products or services that you have inquired about, purchased or obtained. may use this personal information to facilitate email marketing from us or to send you information about a newly introduced product that integrates with your existing system. You may choose to opt-out of our email marketing programs. may also use this personal information to provide certain service-related email communication. Because these emails are sent for essential product functionality, you may not opt-out of service- and security-related emails.

Professional or employment-related information.    
Information about your profession: architect, lighting designer, electrical contractor, etc. may use this personal information to facilitate targeted email marketing from us. We may, for example, send lighting designers information about an upcoming training webinar, or send electrical contractors information about newly introduced Milfra.comproducts and tools to help grow their business.

For what purpose do we collect the above information?
We use your information to improve the product experience. does not sell your personal information.

Website performance. utilizes technology to accumulate information about traffic on our websites. The data collected may include your IP address, information about the browser being used, server logs, the pages you view at, the links you click, and other actions you take in connection with

We use this information on an individual and aggregated basis to help design and improve our web pages, monitor website usage, and compile business and technical statistics.

Customer service. We provide various user interfaces to allow you to provide your contact information and to request information about our products and services. We may also seek your feedback regarding the quality of a webinar or your feedback about a recent visit to a Experience Center. This website also presents the opportunity for an online “chat” to obtain customer service. Contact information may be requested in each case, as well as other personal data that is relevant to your customer service inquiry. This personal data is used to enhance your customer experience.

Enrollment in email marketing from From within this website, you may be able to “opt-in” to receiving marketing email communications from You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link from within the marketing email. Please note we may also email you important service updates such as password reset requests, information on security updates, and technical support information. Because these are sent for essential product functionality, you may not opt-out of service- and security-related emails.

Providing website feedback to From our website, you can contact us to inform us of issues with our website, such as broken links. Your data helps us investigate your comment and initiate modifications to our website.