KS-7011 And KS-7012 Smart Dimmer Switch Introduction And Installation
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KS-7011 And KS-7012 Smart Dimmer Switch Introduction And Installation

KS-7011 And KS-7012 Smart Dimmer Switch Introduction And Installation
Product parameter
Wiring mode: the zero live wire must be connected, the load wire is connected to the light, and the ground wire can be connected as required. However, it is recommended to connect it. The function of the ground wire is that when the product leaks, the leaked electricity can flow to the ground through the ground wire to play a protective role.
Product size: 125*80*42mm
Rated voltage: 100~250V
Rated current: 15A
Load wattage that can be carried: INC 500W (maximum), LED 150W (maximum)
Static power consumption: ≤5W
Chip type: ESP8266
Types of adjustable lamps: incandescent lamps, LED lamps, down lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, etc.
App: "smart life", "Tuya smart" or all orders from Tuya
Product certification: FCC ETL

Product features and selling points

1. The combination of two kinds of switches---sensitive and waterproof touch switch controls the on and off of the product, and the key switch with super good feel adjusts the brightness of the light. The lower button means dimming, and the upper switch means brighter.
2. Support to adjust various types of lights: Currently, the LED lights on the market that support dimming can basically use this dimming switch. And in order to make it easier for everyone to understand, we have designed three buttons D, L, S on the product, and they are represented as follows,
D: Adjust the downlight. When your home’s light is a downlight, please place it in D position
L: Adjust the LED. If your light is an LED light, please select the L level.
S: If your lamp is incandescent or your lamp does not support dimming, please switch the gear to S gear.

3. Stable dimming effect: Because the starting voltage and current of each lamp are different, many dimming switches will flash very much when adjusting the lamp. Our switch is set to A, B, C three gears to solve the light flicker, and the dimming effect can be achieved by the A, B, C three gears to achieve excellent results.
A: The adjustable wattage is between 6.5w and 15w. If the total wattage of your downlight is within this range, please set the gear to A
B: Adjust the wattage between 50w~100w,
C: The wattage of lamps exceeding 100W, please dial to C
It is recommended to use ABC gear in combination with D, L, and S gear to make the light more stable.
4. Memory function: The switch can remember the brightness of the light when you turn it off, and when you turn it on again,
The switch will automatically adjust the brightness of the light to the state before turning off.
5. Comfortable experience and eye protection: The switch is set to slowly turn on the light and slowly turn off the light.
The fruit can protect the eyes from the stimulation of the external environment, and slowly adapt to the changes in the surrounding light, which is very healthy and comfortable.
6. 0~100% dimming, dimming without noise.
7. Support mobile phone remote control. It can also be controlled by voice from third-party applications such as Alexa and Google Home.
8. Timing function, you can set a timing point to turn on or off the switch. Currently supports 20 sets of timing points.
9. One-click smart sharing, you can share the control of this switch app to your family and friends. So they can also control this switch.
10. Standard US size, it can be perfectly matched with the US standard 2, 3 and 4 lamp cover
It can also be matched with other types of American switches or wall sockets.

11. Simple installation, easy to disassemble and replace the cover, choose the style cover you like
12. The rear shell uses aluminum sheets and is designed with a heat dissipation port, which facilitates the heat dissipation of the product and extends the product life.

13. Color box packaging with different design styles. In addition, we will provide screws, manuals, and wire caps. No need to purchase additional installation materials.

14. Support OEM logo on the product, or customized packaging
15. The product has passed ETL FCC certification.
16. Scene settings.

Product application scenarios
1. Apartment/family: At different moments, it can create a personalized lighting scene for you, whether it is a party or watching TV, reading a book or taking a break, by adjusting the brightness of different lights to create a relaxed, comfortable, comfortable Warm and romantic lighting field
2. Bedroom: Adjust the brightness of ceiling lamps, bedside lamps and wall lamps to create a comfortable resting harbor. Set up scenes such as "rising night", "reading" and "rest".
3. Office, hospital, etc.

Product installation
⚫ The product has four lines, namely the neutral line, the live line, the ground line and the load. The product must be connected to the neutral wire and the live wire. If the neutral wire is not connected, your light may not be activated. The ground wire can be connected or not. The load line is connected to the lamp.
⚫ Before wiring, be sure to turn off the main power supply in your home. Before installation, please use a test pencil to test whether the installation box is still live.
⚫ If other switches have been installed before, when removing it, it is recommended to remove a wire, write the name of this wire on a label, and paste it on the wire. Doing so can avoid mixing the wires and connecting the wrong wires. Avoid danger.
⚫ Connect the neutral wire of the product to the neutral wire of the installation box, connect the live wire to the neutral wire in the installation box, the ground wire to the ground wire, and the load wire to the load wire of the installation box, and fix each wire with a wire cap.
⚫ After the wiring is completed, use the screws in the box to fix the product on the wall and fasten the cover.
⚫ After wiring is completed, turn on the main switch. You can use the dimmer switch to control the light

How to use the App to connect to the product.
1. Download "Smart Life" or "Tuya app" on your phone
2. Register APP account, support mobile phone number or email registration
3. After successful registration, enter the main interface of the App, click on the "+" in the upper right corner, and select "Electrical Switch (Wifi). At the same time, press and hold the switch for 5-10S, the Wifi indicator will enter the fast flashing state. Enter your wifi name and password in the App, and click Next.

4. Next, there are two connection modes, the first one, when the Wifi signal is good, just click Next to connect successfully. Enter the control interface in the product APP. Remotely turn on, turn off, adjust the brightness of the light
5. The second connection method is the same as the above method. Open the App, click the "+" in the upper right corner, select "Electrician, switch (Wifi), after the wifi indicator flashes quickly, continue to press and hold the switch to let the wifi indicate The light enters the slow flashing state, enter the wifi account and password, click Next, click "Compatibility Mode" in the upper right corner, select "Connect", select the network named "smartlife", and then return to the App, click Next, Then the connection is successful.

How does the product connect to Alexa and Google Home
"Smart Life" App has detailed operation methods in the background.
Common product problems and solutions
1. The product cannot connect to Wifi.
First of all, please make sure that your Wifi is a 2.4G network, and that the wifi can be used normally.
Secondly, check the number of products connected to a wifi router, it is best not to exceed 15. Because the number of wifi products that a home Wifi router can carry is about 15-20. Too many Wifi products will result in unsuccessful connection of the product, or the connected product will be kicked offline.
2. When adjusting the light, the light will flash.
Please check the type and wattage of the lamp, and put the DIP switch to the appropriate position (D, L, S, A,
The six gears B and C are used in combination).
3. The product will not be wired.
Please check our manual, or wiring diagram, or directly follow us in the video, we will tell you how to connect. Or please ask a professional electrician
4. Cannot control the switch through the App.
Open the switch’s APP interface and send us this switch Virtual ID.

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